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DOG GUARD has been in the business of protecting family pets since 1988. We have thrived since then in producing high quality, reliable products that are superior to all others. Distributed through our nationwide dealer network, DOG GUARD Products reach thousands around the United States each year. DOG GUARD will safely contain your pet using time-tested training techniques, without costing you a fortune.



DOG GUARD products include advanced technological electronics to meet the needs of our customers. Our T-4 Transmitter has an industry-leading feature which allows our customer to easily self adjust voltage settings to easily overcome correction desensitization some dogs exhibit, thus allowing the receiver to be used on any size pet without fear of understimulating or overstimulating your pet. Each system is coded with a unique code, thus helping eliminate the risk of false corrections from tv signals, garage door openers, cable signals, telephone signals, and other signals generated by electronic equipment common in most homes.


DOG GUARD  Made in the USA…

All DOG GUARD products are produced 100% in the United States. As consumers ourselves, we know how important it is to be able to rely on these products and feel secure that your family-loved pets are always kept safe both day and night. We do this all, while keeping as many jobs at home as possible.

DOG GUARD of the Upstate has been serving Upstate South Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina areas since 1992, and we are looking forward to serving all your pet containment needs for years to come.  All employees, from the office staff to our experienced installers are committed to the best in pet containment for the Greenville, Anderson, Spartansburg, Oconee, Pickens, Greer, and surrounding areas as well as Columbia, SC and surrounding communities. Customer Service, professional pet training, commercial grade materials, following up with our customers, experienced installers, and long term and dependable pet containment, are what has made our DOG GUARD Pet Fencing dealership the top pet containment dealership in South Carolina and one of the top dealerships in the United States.

If you have any needs please feel free to call (864) 232-9011 or contact DOG GUARD of South Carolina!

Upstate Electronic Dog Fencing

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